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Managed Metadata Service or Connection is not available error in SharePoint 2013

I recently ran into issues with the Managed Metadata service on my SharePoint 2013 Central Admin site reporting the following error message related to the Managed Metadata service or connection not currently being available.


There are several online posts with recommended solutions for the above problem including:

  • The Managed Metadata Web Service hasn’t been started on Central Administration
  • The Application Pool has stopped, which may be due to password issues
  • The Application Pool of the Web Application that you are accessing the Term Store from does not have permissions to the Managed Metadata Service Application.
  • The permissions for the following Registry key has changed after deploying the SharePoint June 2013 Cumulative Update:               Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\15.0 

The permissions for the above key should be:

  • RESTRICTED (Local Machine Group) – Read Permissions
  • WSS_ADMIN_WPG (Local Machine Group) – Read and Special Permissions
  • WSS_WPG (Local Machine Group) – Read Permissions 

I verified my SharePoint environment based on all the above recommended solutions including verifying the permissions for the above registry key. However, the issue with the Managed metadata service continued. The final step was deleting the Managed Metadata Service without selecting the option to delete the associated data for the Service application and recreating the service application. But the problem still did not go away. I repeated the deletion of the Managed Metadata service and selected the option to delete the data too followed by recreating the Managed Metadata Service application which fixed the issue and error went away.